How we met

How we met

It all started in 2017, when I met the love of my life online. Her location was down as “London”, I messaged, we hit it off and we Skyped before she revealed she’s actually in Illinois and would be moving to London in a couple of months.

A couple of months became a couple of years, and in that time we met up in lots of different places “halfway”, from Toronto to Miami, strengthening our relationship and seeing the world at the same time. The fact that it took two years shows just how complicated it can be to get a foothold on another continent. Megan had to jump through so many hoops to become a nurse in the UK, despite the NHS crying out for more nurses!

And while Megan had already fallen in love with the UK, I’d gradually fallen in love with the states. The last time I went to the states before Megan moved, I said goodbye to her at the airport and started figuring out how much it would cost to have a house in each country. The numbers seemed to add up ok – so I sent a message to Megan and she was immediately on board. If we could make it work, we’d do it!

We’re now happily engaged and live near London with our beautiful little Frenchie. But we dream of living and travelling freely between our two home countries.

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