I want to live in the UK and USA

Setting up a life in two countries is NOT an easy option. But it is an extremely special one. You only have one life. You have friends and family across the globe. If – with a lot of work and sacrifice – you can make it work for you, then why not?

We have always wanted to split our time between the UK and the USA as much as possible. In an ideal world, 50:50. But there are some enormous logistical challenges involved with that. Here is a short list of things to consider, which we hope to write about in the coming weeks and months:

  • Tackling the major financial struggle of supporting two households.
  • Taxes in two countries: income, capital gains, national insurance etc. Is there a mutual agreement clause in all?
  • Available jobs in the areas you’re moving to.
  • Flexibility of said jobs.
  • House tax / council tax on second home.
  • Freedom of movement while waiting for visa / green card.
  • Minimising the carbon emissions impact of your chosen lifestyle
  • Raising children in two countries.

Watch this space – we’re working through these problems ourselves and hope to share anything useful with you! Check back later and we plan to have filled this out some more. If you have any specific questions, please drop us a comment 🙂